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Adventure in Central Istria – Activities for the Whole Family

Welcome to Camp Taber, your family oasis in the heart of Central Istria. This beautiful region offers much more than idyllic natural landscapes and beautiful beaches. Here are some of the most exciting activities that will thrill and are suitable for every family member:

Adventurous Pursuits

  • Ziplining in Pazin: Get ready for excitement and speed on the zipline course in Pazin, where you’ll soar over the deep Pazin Pit. This is an unforgettable experience for all generations.
  • Speleo Adventure in Pazin Pit: Simultaneously challenging and mysterious, exploring the underground of Pazin Pit will give you the opportunity to glimpse the mysterious world of caves and underground galleries.
  • Park Kirga: This adrenaline park offers various activities for the whole family, including rock climbing, horseback riding, quad riding, and off-road adventures.

Outdoor Activities

  • Horseback Riding: Istria offers beautiful equestrian trails through nature. Embark on horseback riding and explore the landscape in one of the most beautiful ways.
  • Hiking: A well-established and marked system of hiking trails will ensure that you don’t get lost on your adventures but instead enjoy and discover all the hidden beauties of Central Istria with your family.
  • Biking: Istria is a paradise for cyclists. Rent bikes and set off to explore numerous trails and routes through beautiful landscapes.
  • Quads and Off-Road Adventures: Feel the excitement of riding quads or 4×4 vehicles through the wild nature of Istria.

Culture and Entertainment

  • Museums: Istria has a rich history, and many museums offer insight into its past. Visit museums and learn more about Istrian culture and history.
  • Aquacolors: This water park in Poreč provides incredible fun for both children and adults. Enjoy numerous slides and pools.
  • Dino Park: Visit Dino Park Funtana, where you’ll encounter life-size replicas of dinosaurs and learn more about the ancient world.
  • Višnjan Observatory: For astronomy enthusiasts, Višnjan Observatory offers a fascinating experience of stargazing and planet observation.

Camp Taber and Central Istria offer an incredible array of activities that will fill all family members with laughter, excitement, and beautiful memories. Regardless of your interests, you’ll find something to delight you here.